When you spend $100 at a local Ridgway business, approximately $68 is reinvested into our community.

When you spend $100 at an out-of-county merchant, $0 are invested in our community.1

How is my local purchase reinvested?

Local purchases support local salaries (our friends' and neighbors’ salaries), which in turn supports our friends' and neighbors' local purchases.

Local businesses support their own growth by making purchases from other local merchants. This includes professional services like accounting, construction, and website design, and local supply purchases like printing as well as local produce and meat for our restaurants.

The town of Ridgway’s primary revenue source is sales tax. Therefore, your local purchases directly support all of the town services that we rely on as a community, including water and sewer, local roads, infrastructure and maintenance, police and emergency services, and our town parks. All of these services are dependent on local purchasing activity.

Ridgway is fortunate to have a vibrant nonprofit community supporting many important causes. Local businesses are a primary donor to our local nonprofits; therefore, our local nonprofits’ success is dependent on our local businesses’ success.

When you purchase elsewhere, none of these benefits and reinvestments are realized. So for your next purchase, we encourage you to think local.

1 Approximate 68% reinvestment rate validated by several national studies, including 2008 Civic Economics Study, “Local Works!”

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