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Green Bloom Wellness

Green Bloom Wellness in Ridgway Colorado

Green Bloom is a natural wellness company with a heart for local communities and the outdoors. We use natural and organic ingredients, sustainable bottles, recycled labels, and donate 50% of profits to local and rural communities across the globe. Our planet is our future, and as a natural wellness business we have a responsibility to take care of the people and planet that produces these amazing natural compounds that we can benefit from safely.

But we are more than natural products, Green Bloom also offers phone and in-home consolations on how to transition in to a natural and healthy lifestyle. Education is key in the age of misinformation, so it can be overwhelming for many knowing where to start. Green Bloom team members can recommend what may be easiest to start your transition to clean living. We even work with other natural and sustainable product makers around the world help our clients attain the results they desire in the most convenient and affordable way that benefits our planet and its inhabitants. We also offer Organic Hemp bags from the Himalayan mountains.

After growing up in the Midwest (Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan) my wife and I moved to Colorado in the fall of 2017. In May 2017 we set out on our 32 days long parks and forests road trip through Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Wyoming and then back to KY. We moved to Steamboat Springs in November 2017 and started our life in Colorado. Hannah and I are proud to call Green Bloom our own small business and look forward to helping every creature and piece of this planet that we can. We are also running Clean Living Planet. We love the Ridgway area and are so excited to be a part of the growing community!!

Hannah & Adam Bragg
859-414-0877/ 859-912-4557

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Ridgway, Colorado is ideally situated at the base of the San Juan Mountains and is anything but a quiet little town. Enjoy a range of outdoor activities as well as various arts and entertainment, and explore our rich history and heritage.

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The Ridgway Area Chamber of Commerce promotes business and community development in the Town of Ridgway and the surrounding area. The chamber operates the Visitors Center, which is currently closed until further notice due to COVID-19, and is located at 150 Racecourse Road, Ridgway, Colorado 81432 (across from Citizens Bank off of HWY 62).

P.O. Box 544
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Adventure, night life and all around easy living await you in Ridgway Colorado, gateway to the San Juan Mountains.

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