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The Ridgway Chamber is now accepting business applications for 2019 Youth Apprenticeship sponsorship. Please complete the Business Sponsorship Application below by Monday, March 15th. Thank you for your support of this new initiative and please reach out to us with any additional questions at

Not yet a member of the Ridgway Chamber? Please become a member prior to submitting this Youth Apprenticeship Request. If you select "pay later" on your membership application, we'll deduct the dues from the amount of the apprenticeship should it be awarded.

Your Information
Name of the business on whose behalf you are applying.
Apprenticeship Details
Your answers to all of the questions below will be posted publicly and provided to students to consider applying to your apprenticeship. Please remember that this is a competitive application process, and not all business applicants will be accepted. Successful applicants will be judged primarily on the level of additional training and professional development being committed to by the business.
Job Description: Please provide a detailed description of the job functions and activities of the student.
Development Description: Please provide a description of the training you will provide the apprentice that would be relevant for job functions above and beyond those completed during the summer. The frequency and timing of these trainings are at your discretion however a minimum of 25hrs of professional development training is required to be eligible for apprenticeship sponsorship.
Apprenticeship Duration: To qualify for sponsorship an apprenticeship must be a minimum of four weeks and no longer than 3 months and must be complete by the start of the 2019-2020 academic year.
Enter the average hours per week.
Enter an approximate range of compensation
Additional comments? Please provide any other notes or comments you wish to share with prospective applicants.

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