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| Tanya Ishikawa | News

Provisions Cafe at the Barbershop named May 2021 RACC Member of the Month

Provisions Café at the Barbershop is the May 2021 Ridgway Area Chamber of Commerce Member of the Month. The RACC Member of the Month Program is in its third year as an ongoing effort to promote and get to know our local businesses and organizations.

Please tell us about your background.

I was raised in Napa Valley, California, which is where the origination of my food obsessions began. I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1996, and haven't left the food industry since....(omg that's 25 years)!  

Who are the Provisions Cafe staff?

Candace Anderson has been my front of house manager for more than three years. She's invaluable to the operations of the entire restaurant as well as being the person who keeps me sane in trying times. Brenda, Caitlin, Zoe, Madison and Lindsey are the lovely gals who make sure you have an amazing dining experience.

Reymond Horcasitas has been my sous chef also for three years. He has years of restaurant experience under his belt in some of the top restaurants in the U.S. He is one of the kindest and funniest people I know. I honestly don't think I could survive without him at this point. In fact, we are desperately looking for a place for Rey and his wife, Elizabeth, to live as they have just lost their home in Olathe.

What made her want to open a European-style bistro in Ridgway?

After I moved to Ridgway in 2010, I spent many joyous hours in my kitchen at home cooking for basically anyone who was willing to eat it. Dinner parties in my backyard were almost a weekly affair.  

I had googly eyes for the old Barber Shop building from the moment I moved to Ridgway, and when Antonio Marra approached me in 2015 about potentially opening a food-based business at the Barber Shop I jumped on the opportunity!

Besides a focus on gourmet food, tell us about your commitment to healthy ingredients.

Though we tend not to focus on or specialize in any of the food trends of the moment,  although we do try to serve all of our customers’ needs. Instead we focus on what is seasonal in our region at the moment, procuring ingredients from our Front Range farmers directly.   

Everything at Provisions from interior design to your coffees and cocktails create a very inviting atmosphere. What is your philosophy behind those?

The interior of Provisions was built from the bottom up. It's really just a reflection of my wacky mind. I just knew when I was building it that I wanted people to feel really, really good in the space. The cocktail and coffee menu is my secret obsession with really just wanting to be one of those hipster mixologist barista badasses.

As we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic and public health restrictions on restaurants, what are some of the new products or services that you developed that will continue this summer?

Our "to go" and "provisions pantry" items were such a hot success though the pandemic that they will never go away as long as the front door to Provisions is still open! Our online store and our loyal customers saved us 100% during the pandemic! It brings tears to my eyes....Thank you, Ridgway! We're so looking forward to hopefully seeing some of your pearly whites this summer!

What specials or promotions should people know about?

We will be continuing our Thursday Locals Night with Cocktail and Taco Night Specials through the spring and summer season. Anyone who speaks the secret words, "Members of the Month," will get a 15% discount on purchases of $50 or more.  

What do you value from being a Ridgway Chamber member?

The chamber is such a wealth of resources and information. I don't know how I'd keep up with the comings and goings of this community without it. Bonus is the awesome staff and volunteers who give their heart and soul into spreading the word!

To check out Provisions Cafe at the Barbershop, go online to, call 970-626-9861, or email . You can find the restaurant in Ridgway at 616 Clinton Street.

chef Amie Minnick Provisions Cafe Ridgway
Candace at Provisions Cafe on Ridgway's Clinton Street
Salmon Special Provisions Cafe Ridgway
Cocktail Provisions Cafe Ridgway