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Home to more than great scenery, Ridgway has a thriving business community

Local Businesses

We would like to introduce the many members of the Ridgway Area of Chamber of Commerce. These fine businesses, professionals and nonprofits make up our friendly and thriving community. We invite you in!

Accommodations & Lodging

Come stay in Ridgway, Colorado – the gateway to the most scenic mountain range in the West. We have a number of wonderful overnight options to meet the needs of any traveler. Spend a night or stay the week–we can be the base camp for all your adventures!

Dining Out

Our award-winning restaurants serve everything from scrumptious burgers and sizzling steaks to European and Central American cuisine. Ridgway offers lots of outdoor dining, our own brewery and your pick of the perfect margarita. Whether you're looking for a quiet, elegant meal or a quick, casual snack, we have the bases covered.


Prepare for your outdoor adventure in Ridgway. We have expert guides, high-quality supplies and diverse outdoor activities surrounding us. Challenge yourself or take it easy – the recreational amenities in our natural playground won't disappoint!

Arts & Entertainment

Our designation as a Creative District means we have a wealth of arts and entertainment offerings. These are all founded and flourish due to our community's focus on diverse educational opportunities. From the concert stage in Hartwell Park to the historic Sherbino Theater, you can find music, movies and much more, plus discover several studios, galleries and sculptures nearby.

Shopping & Retail

Family-owned businesses are here to provide for your every need. Enjoy discovering Ridgway's diverse stores, offering unique shopping opportunities.

Amenities & Services

From radio and newspapers to gas stations and shuttle services, Ridgway has the businesses to support your local lifestyle or your temporary visit.  When you want to know what's going on,  you need to hit the road or you are in search of the daily necessities, our businesses are ready to help.

Health & Wellness

People come to Rigway for our renowned alternative health practitioners from chiropractors and physical therapists to yogis and acupuncturists. We also have a clinic, pharmacies and medical professionals to assist you with your health care needs.

Professional Services

Ridgway businesses and professionals are focused on doing the job right. Whether you're looking for a plumber, architect, accountant or hair stylist, local service providers have the know-how, and support businesses, residents and visitors in accomplishing their goals.

Churches & Spiritual Practice

Inspiration and gratitude come naturally in our majestic setting. Find out more about what church services, religious events and related businesses and nonprofits are waiting to welcome you.

Real Estate

Ridgway, as one of the most photographed locations in the world, attracts a lot of interest in real estate. Our realtors and property managers are experienced and have a wealth of information to share about this beautiful area.

Museums, Nonprofits & Education

Nature is a never-ending museum, providing archaeological, anthropological, cultural and artistic discoveries. You can learn and be inspired through your own local excursions, or Ridgway nonprofits and schools provide plenty of outdoor education opportunities. Plus, we have several small museums and exhibits that highlight our area's unique history and economy.