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LoneCone Photography


I've always been in love with horses and the American West having grown up on western film (all of us photography "boomers" seem to be saying that these days), so just as thrilling to me has been my good fortune to photograph some of our local ranch life.  My favorite photo shoots are being out on the ranches, absorbing every detail of work during branding season.  The dust, the smoke, the smell of leather and the scent of sweat on the horses.  I find myself leaning in to take the tight shots that convey the details in the chaps and spurs, their creases and textures, well-worn leather or a weathered face. With tight shots, the viewer’s eye is drawn to the details that typically may go unnoticed.  When I am behind the camera, nothing else seems to exist except what I am looking at through the lens and thankfully, I’ve been saved a couple of times by a cowboys’ shout when a protective cow has sized me up when I’ve been too close to her calf. 

One of the best things about putting the collection of photographs together for the SWC (Southwest Colorado) book was going through and rediscovering images that I had forgotten.  And isn’t that what taking photographs is all about? Recording life events, scenic places and treasured moments.  Photographs can bring you back to a time and place with such intensity, it’s as if was yesterday. I invite you to into my galleries and I hope you enjoy the images I've chosen to display here. 

Please visit my webstore and if you're in Colorado, my work can be found at the following locations:

Ouray: Ago Gallery, Khristopher's Culinaire, Ouray Bookshop 

Montrose: Camelot Gardens and Montrose Visitor Center

Ridgway: 610 Art's Collective, Timber Creek, Sherbino Theatre (prints above the bar), Praise Productions 

Grand Junction: Grand Valley Books

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