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New Fitness Studio Strengthens Ridgway’s Core

Whether you are a local or a visitor, maintaining or increasing your fitness level, or preparing for an upcoming athletic competition, the Ridgway area has many options for training on your own. For those seeking a little guidance plus a bit of positive comradery, REV. – Ridgway’s newest fitness studio is an even better alternative.

The motto of REV. at 640 Sherman Street (next to Taco del Gnar) is Be Strong. The studio was created so “we can all train, recover, and rediscover movement in a fun, supportive atmosphere.” Workouts and classes, offered by five world-class athletes, are “designed to enable and inspire health, giving individuals the tools, confidence, and support needed for any goal, passion, or upcoming adventure they may have.” Each instructor has the philosophy that they “work out here so we can play out there.”

REV. offers spin and spin core classes to help keep cyclists in shape throughout the year, building endurance and skills for various terrains. The studio also offers classes in group pilates, stretch, aerial yoga and pilates mat multiple times throughout the week, with private and semi-private pilates also by appointment. 

 "We live in such a beautiful area, with unlimited options for outside adventures and sport.  It's important for everyone, weather they enjoy extreme outdoor adventures, or just want to keep in shape,  to maintain their fitness and health year round!" said Jasmine Oeinck, the lead spin and spin core teacher who is a retired professional triathlete.

Erica Young is the lead pilates, stretch and aerial instructor. The other instructors are Trish Oakland for Spin and Spin Core, Natasha Pyeatte for pilates and aerial, and Heather Jacquette for pilates. Most classes are appropriate for all fitness levels, and drop-ins are welcome. Participants can feel comfortable yet challenged whether they show up once a week, once a month or every day during their vacation.

“I try to go to two classes a week. But due to my work schedule, there are a few months of the year when I barely show up. The teachers (and other spinners) are always supportive, non-judgmental and most of all fun when I do return to class,” said Tanya Ishikawa, a 50-year-old local who has been spinning for a year and a half.
To find out more about classes at REV. and the schedule, go to:

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