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RACC Board President Letter about Chamber Open Cancellation

The Ridgway Area Chamber of Commerce is cancelling the 2020 Ridgway Chamber Open due to the pandemic, and returning to a Ridgway-centric Visitor Guide due to the city of Ouray ending our partnership in a countywide guide.

Dear Chamber Members:

What a rollercoaster 2020 has been! We at the Ridgway Area Chamber of Commerce (RACC) have been riding out the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic along with you. 

We sincerely hope you have found ways to adapt your business and nonprofit operations to weather the storm. We realize it hasn’t been easy, but we believe our locals are some of the most creative people, who are determined to persevere.

The RACC Board responded to the changes that came with new government orders from March to now, by cutting back on our planned 2020 expenses. And now, we have come to the decision of cancelling the 2020 Ridgway Chamber Open. The pandemic with its restrictions and economic impacts makes it impossible to plan a successful golf tournament. The purpose of the annual event is not only to raise funds to support initiatives that enhance our business community, but also to gather a large group to celebrate our community, family and youth. Clearly, these goals can not be accomplished during this year’s pandemic. However, we plan to come back in 2021 with a bigger and better event that accomplishes our goals.

Another change in RACC projects happening this year is to the Visitor Guide. As a result of the City of Ouray's budget constraints and desire to shift from print to a digital-only guide, they will no longer be partnering with  the Ridgway Chamber on the guide’s creation. Our board sees an immense amount of value in continuing to create a print (and digital) visitor guide. Over 70,000 copies have been distributed across Colorado so far this year. For 2021, we will return to a Ridgway-centric Visitor Guide, focusing on educating visitors of the most sustainable ways to enjoy our town and the surrounding area. We are excited to share our local values and messaging in the 2021 guide, and look forward to supporting our members and business community. 

In collaboration with the Town of Ridgway, the RACC Board continues to deliberate on and develop new ways of supporting you – our businesses and nonprofit organizations, to help direct customers, event participants and donors your way. We know our efforts should no longer just attract visitors to our area, but should help guide them to enjoying our area responsibly. We have so many great community assets that we want to share, while being sure that visitors and new residents understand how to use our assets sustainably and cooperatively.

As we continue to transform and grow, your communication with us is important. Please feel free to contact me at to share your suggestions and ideas. I look forward to seeing you around town and on our public lands.



Tim Patterson, Board President

Ridgway Area Chamber of Commerce

RACC Board President Tim Patterson

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