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Ridgway Liquors - RACC July 2024 Member of the Month

Ridgway Liquors is being recognized as July 2024 Ridgway Area Chamber of Commerce Member of the Month. The Member of the Month program is an ongoing effort by the Chamber to provide the community and visitors with information about businesses and organizations in the area and promote patronage of our local resources and small, independent companies.

To learn more about Ridgway Liquors, go online to Visit their Facebook page here:

    Who are the owners of Ridgway Liquors?

    Michi Countryman is the sole owner of Ridgway Liquors since May 2016.

    What is the history of Ridgway Liquors?

    Ridgway Liquors has been a part of Ridgway for many years. Michi purchased the business from a previous owner. Old-timers remember coming into the store around the middle of last century as youngsters. Back then its wasn’t necessarily a liquor store, but more of a convenience store.

    What separates your business from the other liquor stores in town?

    When Michi purchased the Ridgway Liquors she quickly identified the need for a better and more thoughtful product selection, along with the friendliest service in town. Our customers are treated more like family and Michi enjoys being a front and center owner operator. We offer service like no other store, taking special orders as well as customer recommendations/wishes for products. This year Ridgway Liquors embarked on the adventure of online retail. You can now download the Ridgway Liquors App or visit their website to purchase ahead of time. This is especially geared toward our lovely visitors who will appreciate a quick in-and-out experience to get to their next adventures.

    Do you have any events or specials this summer?

    Ridgway Liquors now has monthly product tastings, usually on a Friday toward the middle of the month.

    We also offer a rewards point system that especially our local customers should take advantage of.

    What are some of the most popular beverages at your store?

    Michi has an eye/palate for quality wines, bourbon and tequila. From the start she has always tasted everything available in the store to assure the quality of products in the store. She has personally curated the entire wine selection with beautiful wines at every price level.