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| Tanya Ishikawa | News

Ridgway Youth Volunteer and Career Fair offers education in saving, earning and serving

Ridgway Youth Career & Volunteer Fair returns to Ridgway Secondary School on Wednesday, April 27, 2022. Businesses, nonprofits and other organizations invited to meet students and share information about part-time jobs, careers, volunteering, and other professional development tips.

This April, in addition to classes in algebra, geometry and the typical math subjects, local students will be learning financial literacy. The 2022 Ridgway Youth Volunteer & Career Fair will, for the first time, be bringing bank representatives to Ridgway Secondary School to teach about budgeting and money management.

“It can be very easy to overspend with subscriptions, streaming services, online shopping, etc. Learning to track your spending and doing a monthly budget will help to see where your money is being spent and how you can save money,” said Alpine Bank Relationship Manager Nicole Guck.

Staff from Alpine Bank and Citizens State Bank will join other businesses and organizations to meet 6th through 12th grade students on Wednesday, April 27 at the fair, organized by the Ridgway Area Chamber of Commerce and Ridgway School District.

“We hope to share some tips for creating budgets, using online banking and all its tools to track spending and debit card usage, and discuss how the choices you make with how you handle your money can have lasting effects on things like credit score and the ability to buy a house or even get a job in the future,” Guck explained.

Businesses, nonprofits and government agencies are invited to come to inform students about employment, community service and career options from 11 a.m. to 12 noon. Current fair registrants are the Ridgway Chamber, Ouray Hot Springs Pool, Second Chance Humane Society, Ridgway Animal Hospital, Keller Williams Realty Southwest Associates- Monroe Group, U.S. Navy, and the National Guard. Past fairs have included 15 to 20 organizations.

Eleni Wallin, an 11th grader helping organize the fair, said,  “This is a great way for students to learn about jobs and opportunities for being involved in their community.”

Another first for the 2022 fair are online contact forms accessed by custom QR codes created for each participating organization.

Wallin explained, “Our team is interested in QR codes this year because they offer an easy paperless way for students to connect with businesses. Now, students will not be juggling multiple papers that they will possible lose. This way, it is all digital, easy to keep track of, and a convenient way for employers to receive information from possible employees and avoid paperwork.”

The registration deadline is April 18. For details and registration, go to

For information about the chamber and member benefits, go to