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A Tiny Town With A Big Beer Selection

How many beer options would you expect to find in a town with one stoplight and less than 1,000 residents? In the little town of Ridgway, we are big on adventure and just as big on beer selection!
A brewer working on a keg of craft beer.
Image of several different types of craft beers in cans.

Whether you call yourself a beer snob or prefer the term beer lover, the length of the beer list found at Ridgway restaurants is sure to please. From good old American standards to Asian and South American brands, local beer variety also includes some unique European offerings as well as local and regional brews.

The establishment that appears to have the largest beer selection is Steps Tavern with more than 40 flavors listed on their website. Several Colorado brews from companies including Telluride, Ska and Palisade brewing companies are available to please microbrew aficionados. Sports fan beers are numerous such as Budweiser, Coors, Miller , PBR, Little Kings, Michelob Ultra, and Corona, as well as the light version of many of those. Plus ciders, fruity malt beverages and a variety of other beers in several shades and textures are on the list as well.

Katie and Spencer Graves of Eatery 66 say, "We try to have a least 15 beers to choose from that change seasonally."

The Ridgway restaurant, that cooks and takes orders from an Airstream trailer and serves customers in an outdoor patio oasis, has a cool, new collaboration with Telluride Brewing Company: the brewer produced an American pale ale specifically for Eatery 66 called Roots and Revelry, which they began serving last week.

European beer connoisseurs are in luck when they visit Provisions Cafe and Land & Ocean Costa Rican Restaurant. Provisions offers Bear Republic Pilsner, Ballast Point IPA, Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin, Blache de Bruxelles, and Ommegang Rare Vos Amber Ale, among others. Land & Ocean serves Estrella Barcelona and Daura Barcelona, along with beers from Latin America.

South and Central American beers are plentiful at many restaurants in town, to complement the variety of Mexican, Tex-Mex and southwestern food offerings. Asahi, Sapporo, Singha, Tsing Tao, Lucky Buddha, and other Asian beers are served at Thai Paradise, Oriental Chinese Restaurant and other dining spots.

And any article about beer in Ridgway would be incomplete without mention of Colorado Boy Brewery. Beer enthusiasts are frequent customers at this pizza and beer pub, which features several styles including Irish Red Ale, IPA, Brown Ale, Wheat Ale, Pale Ale, Blonde Ale, Scottish Ale, Porter, and Stout. All flavors are democratically poured in several sizes from 32 oz Cowboy Cans to 5 oz. Tasters as well as 10 oz. English Half Pints, 16 oz. American Pints, 20 oz. English Pints, 64 oz. Pitchers, and refillable Growlers.

Beer nuts should be cautioned that all Ridgway restaurants and drinking establishments have varying beer availability and menus change occasionally. Proprietors recommend inquiring about your favorite beer before visiting if the inability to order a specific beer will ruin your day or night.

(1) 90 Shilling, (2) Angry Orchard Hard Cider, (3) Arrogant Bastard Pale Ale,  (4) Asahi, (5) Avery Brewing Out of Bounds Stout, (6) Blue Moon, (7) Bohemia, Breckenridge Brewery: (8) Avalanche, (9) Vanilla Porter; (10) Budweiser, (11) Bud Light, Colorado Boy: (12) Irish Red Ale, (13) IPA, (14) Brown Ale, (15) Wheat Ale, (16) Pale Ale, (17) Blonde Ale, (18) Scottish Ale, (19) Porter, (20) Stout; (21) Coors Banquet, (22) Coors Light, (23) Corona, (24) Corona Light, (25) Crazy Mountain Red Ale, Deschutes Brewery: (26) Fresh Squeezed IPA, (27) Mirror Pond Pale Ale; (28) Dos xx, (29) Guiness, (30) Heineken, (31) Kirin Ichiban, (32) Koffee Kölsch, (33) Lagunitas IPA, (34) Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy, (35) Little Kings, (36) Lucky Buddha, (37) Michelob Ultra, (38) Miller Genuine Draft, (39) Miller Lite, (40) Modelo Especial, (41) Negra Modelo, (42) Moose Drool Brown,  New Belgium: (43) 1554, (44) Citradelic IPA, (45) Dayblazer Pale Ale, (46) Fat Tire, (47) Voodoo Ranger IPA; Oscar Blues: (48) Dales Pale Ale, (49) IPA, (50) Old Chub, (51) Priscilla White Whit Wheat; (52) Odell Brewing Company Easy Street Wheat, (53) PBR, (54) Pacifco, Palisade Brewing Company: (55) Dirty Hippie Dark American Wheat, (56) Hula Hoppie Session IPA, (57) Soul Shakin' Imperial Red; (58) Prost Pilsner, (59) Red Tail Pale Ale, Rogue Brewing: (60) Dead Guy Ale, (61) Mocha Porter; (62) Saint Pauli Girl, (63) Sam Adams, (64) Sapporo, (65) Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, (66) Singha, SKA Brewing: (67) Apricot Blonde, (68) Buster Nut Brown Ale, (69) Decadent Imperial IPA, (70) Mexican Logger, (71) Modus Hoperandi IPA, (72) Modus Manderina, (73) Pils World Craft Lager, (74) Pink Vapor Stew, (75) Pinstripe Red Ale, (76) Steel Toe Milk Stout, (77) True Blonde Ale; (78) Small Town Brewery Not Your Father’s Root Beer, (79) Sol, (80) Stella Artois, (81) Tecate, Telluride Brewing Company: (82) Facedown Brown, (83) Russell Kelly Pale Ale, (84) Tempter IPA, (85) Bridal Veil Rye, (86) Fishwater Double IPA, (87) Whacked Out Wheat; (88) Tona Nicaragua, (89) Tsing Tao, (90) Twisted Tea, (91) Colorado Native Amber Ale