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Fall for Foliage in Ridgway

The Uncompahgre Valley and Surrounding Slopes are a Symphony of Color in Autumn

Photo by Jeremy W Riehle, Autumn on Dallas Divide with San Juan Mountains

The aspens, cottonwoods and scrub oaks are the stars of the show during fall in the Ridgway area. The slow-motion fireworks of changing leaf colors make a sublime backdrop for outdoor activities and a perfect focal point for photos to share with friends and post on your social media stories about your travels.

Depending on the year and the elevation, leaves in our area start turning yellow, orange and red in early September and last through late October. Of course, the leaves turn brown and drop earlier the closer you get to mountaintops, while the colors arrive later and stay later down in the valley. The multi-hued displays curated by Mother Nature can end earlier when cold weather comes sooner. But, the white and silver skeletons of trees without their foliage can also create stunning landscapes and photos.

Besides the beautiful scenery provided by the season, fall is a great time to visit Ridgway because hotels and accommodations have special discounts and campgrounds are not crowded. You can get a deal on your vacation and have a more peaceful visit.

Many restaurants often decrease their hours or close for a week during autumn, to give their staffs a break after the busy season. We still have a delicious variety of dining options, but you’ll just need to be more careful in checking on operating hours and planning your meals when your favorite spot is open. You can always supplement your dining experiences with buying local produce, cheese and meats at our markets. In fact, the Ridgway Farmers Market operates in Hartwell Park through mid-October and a Farm Coop Stand is open a few nights a week in front of Eatery 66.

Fall in Ridgway offers a plethora of activities and destinations. Most of the activities available in the summer are still accessible for most of the cooler season, so whether you are here to enjoy biking, hiking or other outdoor recreation or to relax in the hot springs or at arts and cultural events, you can plan an itinerary that meets your interests. We even have a lot of historical sites and museums to explore, though many become by-appointment-only after September.

Plus, it’s easy to get here in September and October. Flights are less full. The drive is less crowded and even more beautiful than usual. In Ridgway, fall is for freedom and fantastic views.


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