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World-Class Bowl And Amazing Views At Ridgway Skate Park

Ridgway Skate Park

“We are blessed to have a skate park here in our backyard, available to everyone all the time. Not a lot of places in the world have such an amazing skate park available for public use and within walking distance to the whole town.”

That is how Shane Carrick, a lifelong skateboarder from Ouray, feels about the Ridgway Skate Park at South Lena Street and Chipeta Drive. Shane is the head snowboard coach at the Telluride Ski and Snowboard Club. He teaches skateboarding internationally through the nonprofit organization, Make Life Skate Life, and just started a skate camp in Ridgway this summer with his friend, Logan Tyler.

“There is something for everyone at the Ridgway Skate Park. Beginners to pros can find something to enjoy. We have small, medium and large features at the park. There is also a nice beginners section that's separated from the larger areas of the park,” Shane said. “The bowl section is world class – both the deep-end, 10-foot zone and the shallow-end, 4-foot zone. Our street course is limited but also very nice.”

The 5,000-square-foot park was built by Grindline in 2006, so the concrete is still in good shape. The park allows scooters and bikes as well, but the majority of park users are skateboarders.

 “It almost feels like a private park when you are there. It's never crowded; it's clean, safe and the view is unreal,” said Shane.

“Skateboarders are like family everywhere but especially here in Ridgway. The skateboard community isn't very big so everyone knows and supports each other – and everyone is very welcoming to new skaters. Some parks have a negative, competitive vibe while Ridgway has more of a fun, and friendly vibe,” he added.

 “It almost feels like a private park when you are there. It's never crowded; it's clean, safe and the view is unreal."

Shane Carrik

Fun is an important part of skateboarding or any sport, he believes, and is emphasized during the skate camps. His partner, Tyler, agrees and also emphasizes hard work and a positive attitude toward skating and life in general. Also a lifelong skater from Ouray, he owns and operates the local skateboard brand, Red Mountain Riders.

The skateboard camp, which is for all ages and abilities, started on July 10 this summer and runs on Mondays through Fridays until July 28, with a second session scheduled from Aug. 7 to 25. Skaters do not have to do the whole sessions, and may join up for as much or as little as they'd like.

The Ridgway Skate Camp will host a BBQ and skateboarding demo at the end of the second session in August – one of the town’s first skateboarding events. For information, contact Shane at or on their facebook page: Ridgway Skate Camp.

Who knows? Shawn White, who was spotted at the park last winter, may even come back to sponsor an event in the future. The celebrity was able to skate at the park, thanks to Shane who didn’t see him but did shovel the park all winter to keep it skateable all year long.

The local boarder welcomes all to “Come anytime! It's open to everyone and free of charge” (though there are no lights so the fun ends at dusk).

“This time of year it's especially nice to skate while watching the sun go down on the mountains,” he recommended, and “After a hard skate session go soak your sore muscles in the healing water at Orvis.”


  • Size: 5,000 sq. ft.

  • Constructed: 2006

  • Elevation: 6,985 ft

  • Extraordinary Views


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