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Top of the Pines Biking Trail

This kid-friendly mountain bike trail begins and ends at the Top of the Pines pavilion. It descends into a shallow draw, gently climbs up the other side, goes along the ridge top, and loops back to the pavilion through ponderosa forest and scrub oak. With no logs, rocks or other obstacles, this trail is also suitable for visitors with disabilities.

County Roads 23 and 17 Biking Trail

Ouray County Roads 23 and 17 between Ridgway and Ouray provide a scenic ride (12 miles one way) through rolling ranchland. When starting in Ridgway, the dirt and gravel route is more challenging, with a gradual steady climb, and from Ouray, includes more coasting on gentle downhills. See area map.

Wetterhorn Basin Hiking Trail

To get away from the crowds on other trails, choose a moderate hike on the lower portion of this route or a more challenging one by continuing to the summit. Accessible up Owl Creek Pass, enjoy extraordinary views of the Cimarron peaks and Cow Creek. Horseback riding is also allowed on this U.S. Forest Service trail.

Uncompahgre River Hiking Trail

The trail begins in downtown Ridgway and travels gently toward Ridgway State Park Dallas Creek area. The family-friendly, ADA-accessible concrete trail runs primarily on the former Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad.
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