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RAT Mountain Biking Trails

The construction of this really sweet, hand-crafted single track was spearheaded by a grassroots citizens effort from 2015 to 2017.

  • Distance: 3 to 30 miles roundtrip
  • Duration: Varies
  • Elevation: 7,000 feet
  • Difficulty: Challenging

Most of the system is on public lands owned by the Bureau of Land Management, but bikers should be careful not to get off track on nearby private lands. Located in a high desert area of sagebrush and low pinons and juniper trees, riders have frequent wide-open views of the surrounding mountain peaks.

You can access the RAT Trail System from Ridgway Town Park by riding north on the bike path that parallels the Uncompahgre River. You can also start your ride at the RAT parking lot at Dennis Weaver Memorial Park. To reach the east side of the trail system, you can ride across Highway 550 at County Road 10, you can park in Ridgway State Park and cross the highway. You can climb CR10B, or you can park beyond Second Chance Animal Shelter off County Road 10.

From Dennis Weaver Memorial Park, one trail takes you into the system–The Big Cheese. It’s a 1.5 mile climb with 13 switchbacks that ultimately takes you to the top of the entire network. As you continue to other sections, the steepness and difficulty increase. The trail section names say it all: Speedy Gonzales, Splinter, The Exterminator, and Ratical. On the east side of the system, you can ride Rattus Maximus or the Maze. Rattus climbs to 4 corners and links up with Squeaker (a super fun swoopy descent), the Maze, Rat Trap and Double Crosser.

Mountain biker jumping on RAT trails
Photo by Zoe Denison