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Image of Town of Ridgway

A Fun Selection of Independent Stores

Town of Ridgway sunset – Ouray Image

The Ridgway area is full of independent, mostly locally owned shops and markets that carry the necessities as well as not-to-be-missed souvenirs. Whether shopping for fun or function, you can find a variety of products at Ridgway’s eclectic collection of stores and gift shops. The range of products you can pick up here include: antiques, body and hair care, books, clothing and fashion, flowers, groceries, hardware, home furnishings, jewelry and art, outdoor gear, pharmaceuticals, beer and wine, tobacco and pipes, and cannabis.

Our historic downtown area is a great location for perusing pre-owned goods with three diverse secondhand product shops. Check out our consignment stores with everything from home décor to jackets and jewelry, and make time to visit the Second Chance Thrift Shop where purchases of clothes, furniture, knickknacks, backpacks, and more support the local humane society.

A Full-Service Mountain Community

Small-town charm and attention to customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of Ridgway’s service businesses. Local professionals ready to serve your needs for financial services, photography, event planning, coworking space, child care, physical therapy, veterinary, graphic design and printing, landscaping, and screen printing.

We are a community with diverse amenities from banks and medical professionals to salons, a hardware store, markets, and the necessities to support your comfortable stay here – whether short, long, or permanent. We have a full-service U.S. Post Office plus an office supply shop with shipping services. When you’re ready to purchase your piece of paradise, we have several realtors and property management companies.

“Ridgway is a great community to live in or visit. We are a community of various backgrounds with individuals living life in a variety of ways, including owning some interesting local shops and restaurants. You will feel the Ridgway vibe of entrepreneurs who enjoy what they do and truly wish the best for each other.”
Lynne, Lucky Find Consignments Owner

More Shopping Ideas

  • Creative businesses selling art, jewelry, gifts, and other souvenirs
  • Museum gift shops and the Visitor Center selling history books, postcards, maps, and momentos
  • Outfitters selling outdoor clothing, gear and accessories

Know Before Your Buy

While cannabis is legal in Colorado, Colorado law prohibits: the purchase, possession, use, or sharing of cannabis or alcohol by or with anyone under 21. Consuming substances in public including in parks and vehicles is also prohibited. Because transporting cannabis out of state is illegal, buy only what you can use and dispose of leftovers properly
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How to Enjoy Ridgway Like a Local

Residents and businesses take great pride in our community and surrounding open spaces. We invite visitors to consider ways to minimize impacts and maximize local benefits. Traveling responsibly means educating yourself on outdoor recreation best practices, local ethics and community expectations.
  • Know Before You Go
    Be prepared and be informed about your destination.
  • Stick to the Trails
    Protect our natural land￾scapes by staying on the trails and roads.
  • Trash the Trash
    If you pack it in, pack it out.
  • Leave It as You Find It
    Camp in designated areas only.
  • Be Careful with Fire
    Follow seasonal restrictions, and keep campfires small and manageable.
  • Keep Wildlife Wild
    Leash your dogs, pack out waste, and don’t feed wildlife.
  • Share Our Parks & Trails
    Try out the lesser-known paths and sites, and minimize noise.

Be Prepared for Adventure

The San Juan Mountains are a rugged, steep mountain range rising to just over 14,000 feet. These beautiful public lands offer adventures year round. If you are interested in exploring the San Juans, be prepared for challenging terrain that sometimes requires technical expertise and knowledge of the area.

Come prepared by doing research online to find maps, rules and helpful guidance from public agencies and user-generated websites. Utilize local expertise when you get into town by stopping in at our local gear stores. We highly recommend working with our local guide services that employ experts who can help you achieve your goals for world-class recreation. You can also take a course in: backcountry skiing, avalanche safety, rock climbing, ice climbing, and other valuable outdoor skills.